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Eventide Blackhole

Two home-made demo videos of Eventide Blackhole plugin I’m using intensively. Stunning plugin! (feat. Wurlie from Acousticsamples and Mark79 from Motu Machfive 3).

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Universe Swirl – Custom Guitar Straps


This custom guitar strap was made to recreate swirled pattern of a guitar belonging to one of the most iconic 7-string Ibanez  guitar series – Universe Multicolor (UV77 MC). The particular guitar is a very good looking specimen and can boast one of the best patterns for the guitars of such color combination.

Made exclusively for David « D-fun’K » Kaeser.

The strap was hand-painted on a leather Dimarzio Clip Lock strap (acrylic paints with brushes).

AnyaLogoMedium copie

Anya was born and raised in Europe. From early childhood she discovered her love to draw and create hand made articles and accessories. It all started with creation of furniture and clothing for dolls and then gradually shifted to accessories for herself, friends and family. At the age of 14 she kindled quite an interest with her purse done with macrame technique that she made for a lovely lady in Germany.  Then there were more woven purses, belts and ornamental flowerpots, but that very first purse she proudly remembers to this day.

For five years she attended an art school where she studied graphic art and painting. Then she studied in a college to become a fashion designer. After college Anya entered the University of Construction and Architecture where she specialized as an architect of residential and public buildings. After graduating from the university she successfully had been working as an architect for eight years. But, in the end, she realized that her passion for painting and creating designer accessories was much stronger …

For the past year Anya has been focusing on leatherwork like belts, pet collars and leashes, guitar straps. All of them are hand painted. Each piece she creates is one of a kind with unique pattern and artwork that can only be achieved by a true artisan of hers craft.

To meet her own high quality standards Anya started  handcrafting articles from high quality leather and this is the direction she is going to implement and improve.

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